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Lasse´s Homepage

SUCh DKUCh Proud Pony Pole Position

Born: 2001 - 04 - 20

Sire: Belshaw´s Tamango
Dam: JWW-00 NORDV-00 SV-00 SUCh DKUCh Proud Pony Iron Maiden




Lasse is a very flashy blue hairless male, with lots of furnishing. He has got a lovely head with perfect dentition. His movement is absolutely faultless. He has got a lovely temperament. Lasse is also the father of many successful showdogs, for example SUCh DKUCh Proud Pony Worth Waiting for. Lasse has been CERFed with normal result 090109 and 070312. Lasse has been tested for PLL 100121 with result clear.

2:nd Best Male, CC, Danish Championship, KSS Grenå, Denmark, 040723
2:nd Best Male, CC, Swedish Championship, SKK Tvååker, 040710
4:th Best Male, CC, SDHK Tånga Hed, 040515
2:nd Best Male, SKK Halmstad, 030712
5:th Best Male, SKK Borås, 030629

3:rd Best Male, CC, SKK Halmstad, 020714
3:rd Best Male, SKK Halmstad, 020713

4:th Best Male, CCC Specials Fegen, 020526
5:th Best Male, SKK Västerås, 020428
Best Male puppy 4-6 months, Best In Show-R puppy, CCC Specials Torsåker, 010901
Best of Breed puppy, Best In Show puppy, GTBK Gnesta, 010825

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