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Elins Homepage

SUCh DKUCh Proud Pony Worth Waiting for 

Born: 2003 - 04 - 30

Sire: SUCh DKUCh Proud Pony Pole Position
Dam: Proud Pony Ornament




Elin is a very flashy blue hairless bitch, with lots of furnishing. She is very beautiful, with a lovely head and excellent dentition. Her movement is great. She has got a lovely temperament. Elin has been CERFed with normal result 100108, 090109, 080225 and 070312. Elin has been tested for PLL 100121 with result clear.

Elin´s Best Merits:
2:nd Best Bitch, KSS Grenå, Denmark, 060723 
2:nd Best Bitch, Club CC, KSS Grenå, Denmark, 060722
3:rd Best Bitch, Club CC, KSS Grenå, Denmark, 060721
4:th Best Bitch, KSS Ströby, 060319
Chinese Crested of the Year-4 in Denmark 2005
4:th Best Bitch, CC, Swedish Championship, SKK Tvååker, 050709
Best of Breed, DKK Bornholm, Denmark, 050703
Best in Opposite Sex, Club CC, KSS Bornholm, Denmark, 050702
2:nd Best Bitch, CC, Danish Championship, KSS Görlev, Denmark, 050522
Best in Opposite Sex, CC, KSS Görlev, Denmark, 050521
4:th Best Bitch, FKK Salo, Finland, 050515
3:rd Best Bitch, FKK Pello, Finland, 050305
Chinese Crested of the Year-9 in Denmark 2004
Best in Opposite Sex, CC, KSS Grenå, Denmark, 040724
3:rd Best Bitch, KSS Grenå, Denmark, 040723
3:rd Best Bitch, SKK Visby, 040704
3:rd Best Bitch, SKK Visby, 040703
4:th Best Bitch, SKK Göteborg, 040215
Best of Breed-puppy, SBK Göteborg, 031207
Best of Breed-puppy, SKK Hässleholm, 031018
Best of Breed-puppy, BIS-4-puppy, SBK Lund, 030921
Best of Breed-puppy, BIG-2-puppy, SBK Ljungby, 030831
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