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Tukka´s Homepage

FINUCh Oika Bull Zazzerazecchino

Born: 2002 - 02 - 08

Sire: Shadowgame´s Dante´s Inferno
Dam: Oika Bull Zecchino Tesoro




Tukka is own by Tiina Peippo, Kennel Batbatch´s, Finland, but he has been a guest here for a few times, and he have been and will be used in our breeding program. He is a very flashy blue hairless male, with lots of furnishing. His movement is very nice. He has got a lovely temperament. Tukka was CERFed "normal" 070611.

Best of Breed, BIS-4, Helsinki, Finland, 050828
:rd Best Male, Salo, Finland, 050515
2:nd Best Male, R-CACIB, Malmö, 050319
2:nd Best Male, CACIB, Helsinki, Finland, 041204
:rd Best Male, Porvoo, Finland, 040911

4:th Best Male, Kuopio, Finland, 040808
2:nd Best Male, Kuopio, Finland, 040806

2:nd Best Male, R-CACIB, Pori, Finland, 040731
2:nd Best Male, Ylivieska, Finland, 040717
2:nd Best Male, CC, Finnish Champion, Karjaa, Finland, 040704
Best of Breed, CC, Aura, Finland, 030816
Best of Opposite Sex, CC, Salo, Finland, 030608
Best of Breed, CC, Piikkiö, Finland, 030607

Photo: Essi Suominen
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