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Sixten´s Homepage

DKUCh SKCh SKW-08 Taijan Dreamer Emotion

: 2005 - 07 - 11
Sire: MultiCh The Natural N´CO
Dam: MultiCh Strippoker´s Dragqueen




Sixten is a lovely black and white powder puff male, with a wonderful coat. He is well-constructed, with a beautiful head and a very nice and outgoing temperament. Sixten is imported from kennel Taijan Dreamer in Germany, and he came to us in October 2005. We are so thankful to his breeder Sascha Kober for letting us have this wonderful little boy! Sixten has been CERFed "normal" 120625, 110120, 100108, 090109, 080225 and 070312. He has also been checked for patella and KCS, with normal result 090109.Sixten has been tested for PLL 100121 with result clear. Sixten is PRCD PRA Clear.


Best of Opposite Sex, CAC, Danish Champion, KSS Bornholm, Denmark, 090704
4:th Best Male, KSS Vejen, Denmark, 090517

Open Excellent 3, SKK Göteborg, 090104
Open Excellent 1, Nyborg, Denmark, 081130
Open Excellent 2, Görlev, Denmark
, 081012
Open Excellent 1, CAC, Slovakian Champion, Bratislava, Slovakia, 080817
Open Excellent 1, CAC, Bratislava, Slovakia, 080816
Open Excellent 1, CAC, Slovakian Winner, Kosice, Slovakia, 080713
Best of Breed, CC, DKK Naestved, Denmark, 080323
2:nd Best Male, R-CACIB, DKK Herning, Denmark, 071103
2:nd Best Male, CACIB, DKK Vejen, Denmark, 070812
4:th Best Male, KSS Grenå, Denmark, 070722
4:th Best Male, KSS Grenå, Denmark, 070720
Best of Breed 3, CAC, Kosice, Slovakia, 070715
Excellent 1, CAC, Bratislava, Slovakia, 070512
Ouverte excellent 2, Res CACL, Luxemburg, 070401
3:rd Best Male, KSS Ströby, Denmark, 070311
Best of Breed, Halmstad, 061022
Best of Breed, BIG-2, Bankeryd, 061015
Best of Opposite Sex-puppy, SKK Malmö, 060318

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