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Sally´s Homepage

DKCh DECh VDHCh BGCh MDCh BGGrCh BALKCh Proud Pony U Could Be Mine 

Born: 2010 - 05 - 17

Sire: INTUCh SUCh NUCh NV-04 De La Mahafu´s Atomix
Dam: Sun-Hee´s Blue Moon Rising





Sally is a lovely little girl, very happy and playful. She is blue spotted. She is very beautiful, with a lovely head. Her movement is great. She has got a nice temperament. Sally is PLL clear by default. She is PRCD PRA Clear. Sally has been CERFed with normal result 20160413, 20150224 and 20121107. She has also been patella checked, with normal result 20121107.

Sally´s Best Merits:

VDH CAC, Club CAC, VDH Champion, DE Champion, Walsrode, Germany, 150906

VDH CAC, Club CAC, Walsrode, Germany, 150905

VDH CAC, Club CAC, Nurnberg, Germany, 150110

VDH CAC, Club CAC, Unna, Germany, 141019

Reserv VDH CAC ( (counts as a VDH CAC), Reserv Club CAC, Dortmund, Germany, 141017

Reserv VDH CAC, Reserv Club CAC, Rostock, Germany, 140914

Reserv VDH CAC (counts as a VDH CAC), Reserv Club CAC, Leipzig, Germany, 140823

VDH CAC, Club CAC, Erfurt, Germany, 140615

Reserv VDH CAC, Reserv Club CAC, Berlin, Germany, 140329

4:a Bästa Tik, Club CAC, Ströby, Denmark, 140323

VDH CAC, Club CAC, Recklinghausen, Germany, 140309

2:nd Best Female, Club CAC, Vejen, Denmark, 120729
BOB, CAC, Danish Champion, Vejen, Denmark, 120728
3:rd Best Female, Vejen, Denmark, 120727
4:th Best Female, Bornholm, Denmark, 120630
BOS, Moheda, 120422
BOS, Dingle, 120331
BOB, BIG, Laholm, 111023

CAC, Moldavian Champion, Balkan Champion, Albena, Bulgaria, 110908

CAC, Grand Bulgarian Champion, Albena, Bulgaria, 110908

CAC, Bulgarian Champion, Albena, Bulgaria, 110907

CAC, Albena, Bulgaria, 110906

BOS, CAC, Vejen, Denmark, 110529
2:nd Best Female, CAC, Vejen, Denmark, 110528
2:nd Best Junior Female, CK, Naestved, Denmark, 110424

BOB-puppy, BIG-2, Laholm, 110312

BOB-puppy, BIG, BIS-3, Moheda, 101226

BOS-puppy, Slöinge, 101120

BOB-puppy, BIG-R, Svenljunga, 101113

BOB-puppy, Halmstad, 101024


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