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Lionheart Kind Regards to Proud Pony
born: 97 - 04 - 21
Sire: SUCh Movalian Don Rusty Thomson
Dam: SUCh Jokima Jah Kita



Emma was our first hairless bitch and the first Crested on Kennel Proud Pony who was a great winner in the show rings. She was very well bodied up and was a free-moving dog with excellent angulations. She was a fantastic personality. Emma, we miss you so much!

Emma´s Best Merits:
Best Puppy of Breed, SKK Göteborg, 980110
Best of Opposite Sex, CC, SSD Veddesta, 980131
Best of Breed, CC, SSD Linköping, 980207
BIS-2, Best Bitch/Best Hairless, CCC "Chinese Crested Show" Linköping, 980208
Best of Opposite Sex, CC, SSD Forshaga, 980314
Best of Opposite Sex, CC, SKK Malmö, 980321
CC, SSD Helsingborg, 980419
CC, SKK Åhus, 980523
CC, SKK Österbybruk, 980531
Best of Opposite Sex, CC, SKK Avesta, 980627
CC, SKK Piteå, 980705
CC, SKK Lövudden, 980719
CC, Swedish champion, SKK Bollnäs, 980725
Best of Opposite Sex, CACIB, SKK Skellefteå, 980808
Top Chinese Crested-5 in Sweden 1998
Best of Breed, SSD Stockholm, 990130
Best of Breed, SKK Västerås, 990425
Best of Breed, SKK Skara, 990509
Best of Breed, SSD Östersund, 990524
Best of Breed, Best In Group-5, SSD Sundsvall, 990807
    CACIB, SKK Sundsvall, 990808

Best of Breed, CC, Finnish Champion, FKK Borgå, 990911
Norwegian Winner-99, CC, Norwegian Champion, CACIB, Best of Opposite Sex, NKK Hamar, Norway, 991120
Top Chinese Crested-8 in Sweden 1999
2:nd Best Bitch, R-CACIB, SKK Göteborg, 000108
2:nd Best Bitch, CACIB, FKK Eckerö, Finland, 000917
Norwegian Winner-00, CACIB, Best of Opposite Sex, NKK Hamar, Norge, 001126
2:nd Best Bitch, R-CACIB, SKK Stockholm, 001210

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