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Divas Homepage

Belshaw´s Off Course 

Born: 2005 - 05 - 21

Sire: FINUCh Oika Bull Zazzerazecchino
Dam: Hibacka´s Freja the Goddess




Diva came to us 2 years old and only in a few days she was "one of us". Diva is a blue hairless bitch. She is beautiful, with a lovely head and excellent dentition. Her movement is great. She has got a lovely temperament. Diva has been CERFed with normal result 110120, 100108, 090109, 080225 and 070326. She has also been patella checked, with normal result 080225. Diva has been tested for PLL 100121 with result clear.

Diva´s Best Merits:
5:th Best Bitch, SKK Svenstavik, 060805 
CK, SKK Lövudden, 060723
CK, SKK Alfta, 060708
CK, SKK Avesta, 060618

Photo: Anna-Karin Roligs

Photo: Anna-Karin Roligs


Feel free to contact
Kennel Proud Pony

Åsa Lagerstam
Norra Kattarp 301
S-312 93 Laholm


Tua Lagerstam
Österbyvägen 7
S-519 92 Kungsäter


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